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Lacuna Coil at Scout Bar, Clear Lake

  05/20/12 23:29, by , Categories: Music News , Tags: carox, clear lake, dark adrenaline, dark legacy, houston, lacuna coil, live music, scout bar
Photos and Review by Carox more »

Black Queen Speaks ... with BFMN

  05/01/12 00:31, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Artist Interview, Bands, Review, Carox , Tags: black queen speaks, brett michaels, carox, house of blues, houston, interview, photos
Photos and Review by Carox Carox of BareFoot MusicNews caught up with Black Queen Speaks after their show as support band to Brett Michaels at the House of Blues, Houston. Black Queen Speaks is a very popular Houston band whose members are: Pez Lopez… more »

Steel Panther Balls Out at House of Blues Houston

  04/17/12 03:12, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Review, Featured Artist, Carox , Tags: balls out, carox, feel the steel, house of blues, lexxi foxx, michael starr, satchel, steel panther, stix zadinia
Photos and Review by Carox I was told that I might not get home from the Steel Panther gig if they abducted  me on their tour bus or nabbed me backstage. I was told to “watch for the part when they pull you up on stage” and desperately hoped I would be… more »

Jesus and The Mary Chain

  03/27/12 03:59, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Review, Carox , Tags: carox, east kilbride, house of blues, jesus and the mary chain, light fm, smashing pumpkins
Photos and Review by Carox Scottish folk have a sense of kindred pride that lasts a lifetime, so a severe head cold and several doses of anti-cold medicine were not going to prevent me from attending an event that I could “smell” was going to be a good… more »

Catching the Buzz at The Scout Bar

  02/15/12 13:04, by , Categories: Music News, BFMN Exclusive, Bands, Awesome Nobodies, Carox , Tags: carox, five eyes wide, in altum, inner image, john janatsch, texas buzz, the scout bar
Photos and Review by Caroline Ross or not, The Scout Bar regulars never fail to disappoint. The door swings open and shut constantly bringing local fans, friends and the Central and North folk. There is no concept of a clique here, you just come and e… more »

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