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More Than Just A Game

  02/12/11 23:24, by , Categories: Guitar, BFMN Exclusive, Laura Williams, One Thin Paradigm , Tags: guitar hero, laura williams, liberal arts, one thin paradigm, rock-star

One Thin Paradigm by Laura Williams

It happened slowly, so slowly that most children born after the 70s and 80s can’t remember ever having music taught to them in public schools. No one in state government seemed to think that extracurricular subjects like art and music were that important. They were cut like so much fat from an already ailing educational system. I’m not of the opinion that this action helped in the long run, and shamefully it’s now common to find liberal arts completely missing in action in the lower grade levels. Something had to come along to help inspire and motivate kids into learning music…did you really think it would be that video game though? You know the one I mean…and can we really afford, at this point, to be so snobbish about what inspires children to take interest and learn?

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It's the Right Time

  01/28/11 23:54, by , Categories: Laura Williams, One Thin Paradigm , Tags: laura williams, music store, one thin paradigm, play an instrument, pursuit of happiness

One Thin Paradigm by Laura Williams

How many people out there have wanted to play an instrument, but have never found the time, opportunity or personal courage? Music knows no time limits or age restrictions. You can still find good music stores with instructors, most likely right up the road from you, wherever you are. Then there’s the internet with its plethora of sites for learning. It might take some time to find the one that suits you, but if you’re the kind of person who would rather stay at home, this type of lesson might be perfect for you.

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Get Back On and Ride

  01/21/11 17:56, by , Categories: Guitar, BFMN Exclusive, Percussion, Laura Williams, One Thin Paradigm , Tags: 12-string, bfmn exclusive, dan grigor, hearing loss, laura williams, one thin paradigm

One Thin Paradigm by Laura Williams

If you’re here perusing the offerings of BFMN, I think it’s safe to say you love music. You might even be a musician, or someone who loves one. My name is Laura Williams and I’m a former partner of DanG, currently not playing music at all due to a severe hearing loss that obliterated my desire to play as well as my enjoyment.

I began playing guitar when I was 12 or so, taking lessons at a nearby music store on a nice old twelve-string. I wasn’t interested in theory or learning classical style, so I just told my instructor to teach me certain songs. I caught on quickly and it was no more than six months later when the poor guy finally said he could teach me nothing more. Not that I was a prodigy or anything, but with the restrictions I gave him on what I wanted to learn, he could do nothing else but end the relationship. It didn’t faze me. I went on to teach myself whatever song I wanted to learn, my catalogue growing steadily and my friends, teachers and family tolerating it all.

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