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Ric Tortorete Checks Out the New Line from Dixon Drums and Hardware

  02/07/12 17:31, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, NAMM 2012, Ric Tortorete , Tags: artisian, barefoot musicnews, blaze, dixon drums and hardware, fuse, namm show, ric tortorete, spark, uding, x practice
by Ric Tortorete It was my first year at a NAMM Show. I had always wanted to be a part of the NAMM festivities. What a way to experience NAMM, being let go to interview merchants on their cool stuff for BFMN! I did several interviews, but I was neve… more »

Commentary on the Stanley Clarke Interview

  02/07/11 01:17, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Monday Morning Musical Musings, Paul Bourgeois , Tags: barefoot musicnews, chick corea, dan grigor, fusion, jazz, paul bourgeois, stanley clarke
Musical Musings with Paul Bourgeois This is my commentary on Dan Grigor’s interview of Stanley Clarke. It is about a week overdue, but it has to be done. I usually write these things after my Sunday practice, when I am musically inspired. I was… more »

The Hang Factor

  06/25/10 00:21, by , Categories: Catfish , Tags: barefoot musicnews, catfish butler, debbie shair, hang factor, tour bus, touring musician
by Frank “Catfish” Butler So there I was, sitting in a meeting at the Los Angeles office of BareFootMusicNews when in walks Debbie Shair, the keyboard player for Heart. You couldn’t find a cooler, more laid-back person if you tried. She was in… more »
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