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Painted Daizies - Sweet Country Harmonies and Heels

  11/20/12 20:57, by , Categories: Music News, BFMN Exclusive, Bands, Dan Grigor, Review, Featured Artist, Awesome Nobodies , Tags: dan grigor, kaitlyn weathers, lindsey carrier, painted daizies, trax equestrian center
By Dan Grigor

Let me introduce you to our latest find. Painted Daizies is a SoCal-based duo who are blending their voices and sharing their talents for great local causes. If you’re not from around here you may have never heard of them and that, my friends, is gonna change.  Today.

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Catching the Buzz at The Scout Bar

  02/15/12 13:04, by , Categories: Music News, BFMN Exclusive, Bands, Awesome Nobodies, Carox , Tags: carox, five eyes wide, in altum, inner image, john janatsch, texas buzz, the scout bar

Photos and Review by Carox

Sunday Night Texas Buzz at The Scout Bar, Houston Clear Lake is always a mecca of talent, hosted by A.D. of the 94.5 Texas Buzz who also plays and supports these bands continually on his show. This night was going to be no different. When I walked in, camera on shoulder, there was a strange, almost hallowed hush of expectation. The members from all the bands were mingling happily and local internet DJ John Janatsch was also miles away from his North Houston roost, just to encourage these boys.

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Awesome Nobodies Play the Bay

  12/03/11 18:23, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Dan Grigor, Awesome Nobodies , Tags: awesome nobodies, dan grigor, kimos, nebula force go, sister grizzly, slow moving lions, starry plough

By Dan Grigor

When I play out-of-town shows one of my favorite things to do is to feature a local band.  I have been playing the Bay area lately and I asked my son, Tom, who lives there to hook me up with locals that would fit in with my show. He nailed it.

So, as part of our Awesome Nobodies series, here are two San Francisco Bay area bands that are actually breaking new ground, adding nontraditional instruments and attitudes to good lyrics and a real understanding of music. Smart people with real jobs,  good relationships and PhDs and stuff, having fun playing music for the locals trying to find a break like everyone else.

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The Slow Moving Lions of the Vegetable World and I

  10/15/11 09:01, by , Categories: Acoustic, BFMN Exclusive, Bands, Dan Grigor, Featured Artist, Awesome Nobodies , Tags: awesome nobodies, dan grigor, san francisco, slow moving lions

By Dan Grigor

A severely under-featured feature of our site is “Awesome Nobodies.” I would like to take this opportunity to revive it with the wonderful surprise that is the Slow Moving Lions of the Vegetable World. What a treat. Picture this: 4-part harmony, a cello, a guitar, a mandolin and a saw. Yup, you read the right, a saw. What a lovely sound, the cello and the saw, but there are so many wonderful combinations: the pretty voice of Liz Reid and the mandolin, two male voices and Liz, the guitar and the cello, the saw and the mandolin… Ahhh I’m losing track. It’s awesome. Liz sings, plays the guitar and is the principle songwriter; Kevin Skalba has been playing the cello since he was a child; Aaron Burke plays the saw with a subtle, tasty flair; Jacob Stahl is a mandolin maniac! They opened for me at a show recently at Kimo’s in San Francisco and I was so pleased they agreed to play. Delightful they are!

Click through for an awesome video from our show.

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A Band By Any Other Name

  08/07/10 20:07, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Bands, Review, Featured Artist, Awesome Nobodies , Tags: of sons and ghosts, san diego, signature sound, steven rask, the casbah, the soda bar

A Review by Steven Rask

Imagine your favorite local band; the sound they produce, the way the music seeps into your subconscious. You have all their releases, you anticipate their next album, and their next show. Then, without warning, you’re told that they’ve decided to take the band in a different direction. They’ve changed their entire approach to the music, and most importantly, they’ve changed their name. They are a brand new band. The line-up is the same; same guys on guitars, bass, drums, and vocals, but there’s definitely something brand new about this band. Now, imagine seeing them live for the first time. You go into the club with no preconception, no expectations. A brand new band.

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Kanerko Brings Showtime to Firehouse 13

  06/15/10 19:09, by , Categories: Welcome, BareFoot Fotogs, Bands, Review, Awesome Nobodies, Music In Pictures , Tags: firehouse 13, kanerko, live music, music in pictures, music photography

Review by Ken Cote
Photos by Music In Pictures

Providence, Rhode Island’s hard rockers, Kanerko, made their return to the stage May 28th after a year and a half away. With opening bands Stoic and Burn The Witch, you knew it was going to be a great night at Providence’s Firehouse 13.

The guys in Kanerko had taken some time away from the music because, as vocalist Al Mahoney says, “We needed a break from each other mentally and musically. The writing was getting stale.” Luckily for their fans, the four soon came to realize that they were miserable not playing together.

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Zach Rask Wins Louis Armstrong Jazz Award

  05/27/10 21:13, by , Categories: Music News, Percussion, Featured Artist, Awesome Nobodies , Tags: dan grigor, led zeppelin, louis armstrong, moby dick, rural oddities, zach rask

Zach Rask Winner  Louis Armstrong Jazz Award 2010

Tony Bennett once said, “The bottom line of any country in the world is ‘What did we contribute to the world?’ … We contributed Louis Armstrong.”

As if we had anything to do with it, contribute we did. We liked him, that’s how. We bought his records and watched his shows. He quickly became a founding father of Jazz. His influence and impact on the world of music is universal and will be felt forever. He quite literally changed the landscape of the musical world, making it infinitely more beautiful. Somehow, while remaining a humble working horn player he made millions of us smile. Satchmo made me smile for another reason just the other day. Let me explain.

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