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The Pour House in Paso Robles Puts the Special in Specialty Beer Bar

  02/19/12 19:33, by , Categories: Acoustic, BFMN Exclusive, Dan Grigor, wakitu, Review, Video , Tags: 12-string, dan grigor, guitar, paso robles, pour house, san luis obispo, shawn copen, winery
by WakituIn November each year, Dan Grigor gravitates to the Paso Robles area to share some quality time learning about Wine Country with a group of dear friends – in a tour bus equipped with a stripper pole. This year, we arrived a little early to let… more »

NAMM Show Highlights: Dan Grigor Talks with PickGrips

  02/16/12 18:48, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Dan Grigor, Review, NAMM 2012, NAMM 2012 Music , Tags: 12-string, barefoot, bfmn, dan grigor, guitar, guitar pick, namm, pickgrips
One of my favorite things at NAMM is cruising the little guys. The smallest booths are usually taken by little guys, row after row of small startups there for the first time. Often this is where you find innovation and invention. Usually it is some wacky… more »

The Iceman Shreddith

  10/05/11 14:09, by , Categories: BFMN Exclusive, Guitar Players, Dan Grigor , Tags: 12-string, 8-string, dan grigor, guitar, ibanez, iceman, paul stanley, review
A cool thing about being me is that people bring over really cool guitars for me to play. The other day, my friend Jerry brought two guitars that were delightful to play. One was a beautiful custom that he designed and built; more about that in a minut… more »

Crafter Guitars, a Video Tour and a 12-string Review

  08/23/11 05:44, by , Categories: Dan Grigor, Review, NAMM 2011, NAMM 2011 Music , Tags: 12-string, alice cooper, crafterusa, dan grigor, floating, home alone, namm
Part of what the NAMM conventions are about are the relationships made between the local music store owner and distributors. The local music store is not an easy way to make a living. You can't compete with the big-box stores or online prices but a smart… more »

Get Back On and Ride

  01/21/11 17:56, by , Categories: Guitar, BFMN Exclusive, Percussion, Laura Williams, One Thin Paradigm , Tags: 12-string, bfmn exclusive, dan grigor, hearing loss, laura williams, one thin paradigm
One Thin Paradigm by Laura Williams If you’re here perusing the offerings of BFMN, I think it’s safe to say you love music. You might even be a musician, or someone who loves one. My name is Laura Williams and I’m a former partner of… more »

12 Bar Bidness, Baby

  10/22/10 19:19, by , Categories: Guitar, BFMN Exclusive, Dan Grigor, Video , Tags: 12 bar, 12 string, 12-bar, 12-string, blues, dan grigor, guitar, live music, music video
by Dan Grigor I went to a great birthday party the other day. It was a JAM party and I brought my guitars. It was also a costume party so I wore my leather and cape. As a guest of a friend of the birthday girl I only knew three people there, my… more »
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Monday Morning Blues - Grigorian Chance plays Diggin Holes

  09/13/10 04:36, by , Categories: Don't Suck at The Blues, Monday Morning Blues, BFMN Exclusive, Dan Grigor , Tags: 12-string, blues, blues in d, blues in e, dan grigor, gregorian chants, guitar, key of e, music, sister grizzly, tom grigor, tuned down
Grigorian Chance is a side project I have on going with my son Tom who lives in San Fransisco. He is the guitar player in an awesome indie band there "Sister Grizzly." Check em out on YouTube. When ever he comes down we try and do a recording and this ti… more »



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